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What is obesity?

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Susan Mackey, MD: “Obesity is a chronic medical disease that we are desperately in need of good treatment for patients.”

Amy Articolo, MD: “Obesity itself is a very complex disease it’s multifactorial. People suffer for a variety of reasons.”

Scott Kolsin, MD: “It’s not as simple as doing more exercise and eating less and as it turns out actually sometimes eating less is exactly the wrong thing to do and maybe it’s a matter of eating more, eating more of the right things of course.”

Susan May, MD: “When I grew up and I finally learned about the real truth, that’s it’s not just ‘eat less and exercise more,’ it was empowering.”

Vythilingam Alagappan, MD: “This is a fundamental reason for all the other problems. Instead of trying to treat individual diseases, if we can channel all our energy on this very issue of obesity, all other problems will fall in line.”

Dr. Nancy Selim - Family Physician, Weight Loss Coach and Nutrition Coach

I’m Dr. Nancy Selim,

Board-Certified Obesity Medicine, Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine Physician. After practicing traditional primary care for over 15 years, I became frustrated with the band-aid approach to medicine, only addressing the tip of the iceberg instead of the root cause of disease.

I created Revive Medicine to partner with those wanting to achieve sustainable weight loss and improve chronic disease risk through a combination of meals, movement, mindset, and medication management.

Join us on our journey to better health.

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